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Absorption plant

Trigeneration — means simultaneous production of three energy types: electricity, heat and cold. Trigeneration is especially effective for regions with frequent and significant temperature differences. Trigenerators have excellently proved themselves. Nowadays, more companies aiming to maximize energy saving consider option for installation of such type of equipment.

Absorption Units  are used for production of various solutions by liquid absorption of gas mixture components. Absorption means absorption of gas or steam by liquefied absorbing component. To produce cold, absorption refrigerating units use heat, but mechanic operation. Operation of absorption refrigerating units is that gas dilution in liquid increases upon temperature decrease, and decreases upon temperature increase.


  16 NK series
 The absorption chiller on the steam heating. 345 to 4652 KW.
  16 LJ series
 The absorption chiller on the steam heating. 264 to 1846 KW .
 16 TJ series
 The absorption chiller on the steam heating. 352 to 2461 kW.