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Uninterruptible power systems (UPS)

AESI AG is offering UPS Systems with high density which are designed for application in major systems and specially designed for operation of large data centers, ensuring the most effective and reliable solution in its domain, as well as extended servicing and support. 

Key Facts and Advantages

  • Minimum ИБПrequired space
  • The most effective UPS planning
  • Economically efficient operational cycle
  • Increased service life
  • Parallel use of up to 7 units
  • Space effective and fault-tolerant UPSs
  • Forecasted flywheel energy storage
  • Designated service life of 20 years
  • Low cost of servicing and maintenance
  • Fast recharging
  • Forecasted defect analysis
  • 10-color LCD with touch-screen
  • Wide range of operating temperature
  • Local monitoring and remote access
  • Easy and low-cost installation
 Energy Efficiency
The integration of the flywheel into our products sharply increases energy efficiency of the total system. Our CleanSource 300 UPS systems, for example, are up to 98% energy efficient – less than a third the losses of a traditional UPS using batteries. And unlike batteries, CleanSource flywheels do not require a specific ambient temperature to maintain peak performance, reducing the cooling burden in your facility. Green solution Reduced footprint, increased energy efficiency, lower cooling requirements, and the elimination of toxic chemical batteries improve the environmental sustainability of our products and your operation.
 Service and Monitoring
AESI AG provides for expertise, application on site, as well as maintenance and support during each start-up and operation phase of your critical power system. PowerService plan starting from basic recommendations on scheduled maintenance and ending by urgent delivery of required parts ensures complete support during the entire service life for your solution. AESI AG also ensures wide choice of system and control tools review for enhanced notification on status of your energy system and for sufficient enhancement of reliability of your energy system. Priority monitoring CleanSource View (CSView) and managing software runs online review system from any place.