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Steam generators

Steam generators

Our partner, Aprovis Company, has accumulated wide experience in production of steam generating systems, due to participation in over one hundred of national and foreign projects for designing of modular cogeneration plants.

Usual pressure variation limits for saturated or overheated steam comprise from 1 to 25 bar. Ready for start-up steam generation system includes main part of boiler with relevant protective equipment, automated adjustment and control technology, distribution cabinet, insulation means, bypass system for used gases and set of pumps.

Boiler generates steam which is used as heat carrier. Due to the fact that large amount of energy is consumed during steam generation process, reverse process of condensation results in increased output. Such property makes steam generated with the use of our equipment very convenient energy carrier upon heating of living premises, heating of various chemical solutions, treatment and steaming out. Acquisition of steam generation unit allows cutting costs, increasing qualitative indicators and supply stability that indisputably brings good results. Besides, own gas or diesel steam generator consumes as much energy as needed for technological process.