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Gas turbine installations

aero-derivative_gas_turbine_03Austro Energy Systems offers services for designing, assembly, and delivery of electric units operating on turbine engine.

Approved gas reciprocating engine design warranties reliability, compactness, and effectiveness during operation in various domains.

Our company offers high-quality units with capacity of 25 to 120 MW.

Operation of turbine facility is characterized by rotational rate (number of rotations) of turbine shaft, amount of vacuum, and level of water in condenser.

Besides automated control of main parameters (rotational rate, steam pressure in outfeed and congestions, vacuum and level in condenser), operation of turbine facilities presuppose application of various types of automated protection means, automated blockage, control and turbo generator operation logs, remote control of all auxiliary mechanisms, and shut-off valves.

Control and emergency fast-response pressure reducing systems reserving let-down turbines are fully automated.